Pictures by Eva Donckers

Pictures by Eva Donckers



Manon grew up in Belgium, but her roots lie in the South of France – a region to which she regularly returns. Look closely and you’ll see that the French Riviera style permeates her jewellery collection like a dreamy haze. 

Attracted by pure craftsmanship, Manon studied interior design and subsequently trained as a goldsmith and jeweller in Antwerp, Belgium. Passionate about her craft, she quickly mastered the technical skills of her chosen profession and founded her own jewellery brand before completing her training, and with success. 

“The creation of a jewel lies entirely in your own hands, quite literally. The creative process is extremely personal, which makes each piece of jewellery a reflection of my vision.”   

@Eva Donckers
@Eva Donckers


Barelli Manon is a Belgian jewellery brand that combines feminine elegance and playfulness in innovative designs. For women who want to emphasize their inner beauty and strength through jewellery and who love a touch of individuality. 

Manon makes all her jewellery by hand and consciously opts for one-of-a-kind gemstones and freshwater pearls. Because no two pieces are ever identical, her work is that little bit extra special. 



Manon observes everyday life with an eye for detail. From organic, flowing lines such as the curves of a fried egg to the austere architectural elements of an entrance hall, but also including interesting patterns in objects and nature – nothing escapes Manon’s attention. She captures a wealth of formal details in her sketchbook, which forms an unending source of inspiration.

“The most beautiful forms can often be found in everyday life, as long as you look closely enough.” 

As soon as she has a concrete idea, Manon collates the various elements and creates the original shapes that characterise her jewellery line. After this, she will refine the design in brass before creating the finished piece in silver, gold or another precious metal.   

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