Pictures by Eva Donckers

Pictures by Eva Donckers


“A real craft”

After finishing my studies in interior design, I wanted to learn a real craft. This in combination with my fondness for jewellery and my decision was made. I started my training as a goldsmith and after a few months I had my website.
I love that I’m able to do the whole production by myself, from the beginning until the end. It makes me feel really close to the objects I’m making. Everything is handmade in my atelier where I live in Antwerp.

“It doesn’t always have to be too serious”

In my design process I often start from a very common subject or form. After this, I try to process these forms in a design that makes the original forms completely unrecognizable and create an elegant statement piece. It feels like a secret between me and the person who is wearing the jewel, something we only know.

“Feminine, elegant and timeless with a twist”

For me, a jewellery piece is something you want to wear for years. A timeless piece. A piece that get’s attached with good memories. That’s the thing I love about jewellery, after a while it can become an object with a story.


@Eva Donckers
@Eva Donckers